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Pumpkin 3 ways recipe

Spiced Pumpkin Icecream               


230g Pumpkin puree
1 Teaspoon vanilla bean seed
475ml double cream
185g dark brown sugar
5 very fresh egg yolks
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch ground nutmeg


1* In a bowl, mix pumpkin puree, vanilla and set
2*Mix 3/4 of cream and 1/2 of sugar, bring to simmer.
3*In another bowl, mix egg yolk, spices and
remaining cream and sugar.
4*Remove cream from heat, gradually pour a little
into the egg mixture.
5*Place the whole mixture together in a double boiler
until the mix is thickened then continue mixing.
6*Pass the mix through a sieve into a bowl, and
place into a larger bowl of ice, continue stirring until
7*Stir in pumpkin and mix well. Place in fridge to cool
down (1-2 hours).
8* Once cooled, pour mix into ice-cream machine
and churn until mix is smooth and ready for freezer
(at least 2 hours in freezer).


Aerated Pumpkin sponge

"40 seconds in microwave"

80g Pumpkin puree
120g egg white
80g egg yolk
80g sugar
25g flour
1 teaspoon Vanilla bean seed
What do I need?
1/2 litre Siphon gun (the only cool looking gun that you
charge with gas for whipped cream!!!)
Microwave; Stick blender; Plastic Glass


1*Mix all ingredients with a stick blender.
2* Put in the Siphon gun and leave in the
fridge until next step.
3* Fill siphon with 2 gas caps and shake
4* Make a small hole in plastic cup.
5* Fill cup 3/4 full with aerated mix.
6*Bake in microwave on full power for 40-
45 seconds
7* Cool down then remove from glass.

Salted Pumpkin caramel sauce

This is where you can freestyle!


200ml thickened cream
120g sugar
75g butter
A pinch of river salt
(Or use your favorite caramel sauce)
45g Pumpkin puree


1* In a small saucepan, melt butter and
add sugar while whisking.
2* After a few minutes, look closer at your
sugar, it will start browning very quickly.
3* When caramel appears, take off heat
and pour the cream, (beware of splashing)!
4* Whisk well until well dissolved.
5* Add pumpkin puree.
6* Cook for a couple of minutes then pour
in a bowl until completely cooled down.



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