Langues de Chat (gluten free biscuits)

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  • langue de chat vanilla almond
  • langue de chat matcha
  • langue de chat lemon coconut
  • langue de chat banana chocolate
  • langue de chat chocolate
  • langue de chat raspberry

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{Langues de Chat}  Name given to these delicate gluten free biscuits at the end of the 19th century due to their shape resembling a cat's tongue.


With a crunchy, snappy texture, each flavour has its own distinct and buttery flavour. These gluten free Langues de Chat biscuits are tastier than the traditional wheat-based recipes. Enjoy them with tea and coffee, used as a spoon with ice cream or just on their own!

"Biscuits" were made by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans until seasoning was added to the dough. During the middle ages, the etymology of the word "Biscuit" or "Besquis" was given by Jean de Joinville, a chronicler of the King in the 1300's, for being baked twice or more. The influence of Catherine de Medecis and her pastry masters from Italy, gave birth to a whole new approach to cooking and baking for centuries to come.

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