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Le Biscuit Rose dates back to the 17th century and perfectly defines the meaning of biscuit: “bis-cuit” meaning “cooked twice” in French.

These biscuits were created when a baker in the Champagne town of Reims first cooked his dough in a very hot oven and then again a second time using only the decreasing heat from the previous bake. A 17th century recipe, biscuits rose quickly became a fashionable accompaniment to the famous bubbly drink; dipped only in the best champagne at the King’s table. The King’s pastry master used carmine to hide the black dots of vanilla bean (which were considered too unrefined for the members of the court), hence, the reason the biscuit is rose in colour.

The perfect companion to a glass of champagne, moscato or rosé and can be used to decorate cakes such as the Charlotte gateaux, used in a crumble or crushed and folded into cream.

We are proudly, the first artisans in Australia to re-create the original recipe of le Biscuit Rose here in Melbourne.

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